What is this site about?

T-Man’s Movie Reviews is your #1 source for film discussion and entertainment recommendations! With an in-depth grading scale and a defined set of criteria, T-Man rates, reviews and most importantly, tells you where to stream or purchase movies. That’s what T-Man’s Movie Reviews is all about! Let’s have fun and remember: Happy Watching!

About T-Man…

My name is Taylor and I was born and raised in Houston, TX. I grew up with movies like The Goonies, Aliens, and The Princess Bride on repeat, and 4 older siblings that communicated regularly through movie quotes. We had a dedicated movie shelf that stretched all the way to the ceiling because that’s how people got by before Netflix! I guess you could say my film journey began a long time ago, and this blog is meant to show my appreciation of the entertainment industry. I focus primarily on film, but occasionally will branch out to TV and games if I feel it is worth discussion. I’m not a certified critique, I just simply love watching and talking movies. If you share or can respect that sentiment, then you are welcome here!

About T-Man’s Process…

Each post will have a uniform layout containing an introduction, pros, cons, and a conclusion with a letter grade. My goal is to approach every movie with an open mind and then critique it objectively, based on a set of criteria:

  1. Plot/Originality
  2. Theme/Tone
  3. Acting/Characters
  4. Direction/Cinematography
  5. Editing/Suspense
  6. Setting/Production Value
  7. CGI/Special Effects
  8. Pacing/Length
  9. Dialogue/Narration
  10. Score/Sound
The Princess Bride movie poster

I rate movies with letter grades based on how well they perform in the above categories. Here is the grading scale:

  • A+ = 10/10
  • A = 9/10
  • A- = 8/10
  • B+ = 7/10
  • B = 6/10
  • B- = 5/10
  • C+ = 4/10
  • C = 3/10
  • C- = 2/10
  • D = 1/10

Aliens movie poster

 Other Information

  • Many of the movies I review are older and for that reason, I will not shy away from spoilers. Consider this your warning!
  • I do my best to be brief, but some movies require more attention and I’m as thorough as I think is interesting.
  • I may talk a big game, but this blog is for the average movie goer. Whether you looking for something to stream this weekend or learn a couple of quick movie facts, I’ve got you covered.
  • Leave a comment and lets talk movies!