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This page is dedicated to the Game Reviews included in T-Man’s Movie Reviews. I know, I know, games have no business on a movie blog. However, I’m also a passionate gamer and would love to share a couple of my favorite games with you! All posts categorized under Games will land here. Let’s have fun and remember: Happy Gaming!

Blockbuster Party Game

Blockbuster might be a relic from the past, but it’s also the name of this extremely fun board game! Movie trivia has never been more engaging or entertaining! Let’s consider the pros and cons of Blockbuster Party Game… Pros: Firstly, the simplicity of physical board games can’t be replicated in any other medium. The socialContinue reading “Blockbuster Party Game”

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Megaquarium (2018)

Megaquarium is a management tycoon game where you’re put in charge of, you guessed it, an aquarium! The game consists of 10 levels and a sandbox mode to let your creativity run wild! Let’s consider the pros and cons of Megaquarium… Pros: Firstly, the campaign serves as a tutorial and is extremely helpful for newContinue reading “Megaquarium (2018)”

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Dungeon Siege (2002)

Dungeon Siege is the first game I’m reviewing on this blog and I’m excited to tell you all about it! This RPG follows a young farmer who is tasked with saving the Kingdom of Ehb and uncovering why the once peaceful Krug turned evil. Let’s consider the pros and cons of Dungeon Siege… Pros: NearlyContinue reading “Dungeon Siege (2002)”

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