Did You Know?

This page is dedicated to all the little obscurities that films, games and TV have to offer! All posts categorized under Did You Know will land here. Let’s have some fun and don’t forget: Happy Learning!

Did you know: Apple Macintosh

Did you know this is how Mac’s got their name? I hope this fun fact was informative! Let me know any other interesting facts you might know about Apple in the comments!

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Did You Know: Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan

If you’re at all familiar with the Pokémon franchise, then this fun fact might make you smile. Back in college I had a Bruce Lee poster in my room that always got a lot of compliments. One day a friend pointed at it and asked, “Did you know that Hitmonlee is based off of BruceContinue reading “Did You Know: Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan”

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Did You Know: State Mottos and Nicknames

Did you know that all 50 States have Mottos as well as Nicknames? Well they do, and some of them might surprise you! For instance, I’m a native Texan and know that Texas is often referred to as “The Lone Star State”. However, I had no idea this was the official nickname of the state!Continue reading “Did You Know: State Mottos and Nicknames”

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Did You Know: Tobacco Advertising

I’ve always wondered why I don’t see tobacco advertising as often as alcohol, but now it’s much more clear! I still find it interesting that an industry with such minimal advertising continues to thrive in our day and age. And whether you’re a smoker or not, I think this is good information to know. LetContinue reading “Did You Know: Tobacco Advertising”

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Did You Know?

Did you know that Movies, Games and TV Shows are full of little obscurities and sometimes even profound truths? Well it’s true, and probably what keeps trivia games alive! Anyways, I wanted to create a new category dedicated to highlighting these fun facts! “Did You Know?” posts will attempt to point out the lesser knownContinue reading “Did You Know?”

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